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Frequently Asked Questions:

Its operation is simple and clean: after connecting it to an LPG gas cylinder, it starts with just one gesture thanks to its built-in ignition; then solid burners heat the racks and griddles to cook the food evenly. The barbecues are provided with a special drip tray system that makes the cooking healthier and cleaning practical and fast: no more burnt food. The fat evaporates and exalts the true natural flavour of food cooked over the fire.

The Dolcevita barbecue offers: practicality (it's ready in a few minutes with one simple gesture), taste (the food is cooked naturally and evenly), hygiene (clean burning and extremely easy to clean) and lifetime (the high quality makes it indestructible over the years).

Dolcevita barbecues have an all but eternal enamelling that makes them insensitive to rain and makes cleaning and collecting fat easy. Thanks to this and other technical details, the barbecue is long-lasting and can be left outdoors without requiring special maintenance. Dolcevita BBQ S.r.l. provides an excellent spare parts service: the strength and durability of Dolcevita barbecues are proven by the parts still supplied today by Dolcevita BBQ S.r.l. for models fully functional after more than 20 years have gone by!

The enamelling of the barbecues and the solidity of the trolleys stand up to rain and salinity.
Dolcevita trolleys are made of eucalyptus, beech and ash hardwood coming from the regenerated tropical forests, and they require no special maintenance. They can be safely left outdoors problemfree, and if rubbed with furniture oil once a year they always look like new. Using the cover is recommended to better protect the barbecue.

Assolutamente no. Come dimostrano i dati raccolti dall'ente certificatore francese per i prodotti a gas CERTIGAZ, presso i nostri stabilimenti, i barbecues Dolcevita sono assolutamente igienici e permettono una cottura totalmente e veramente salutare perchè riducono al minimo le emissioni di monossido di carbonio.

For quick cleaning, just simply using our brush (art. ADSP); or if you want more thorough cleaning, we recommend using our specific detergent (art. ADPSG). Do not scrape the surface with objects that are too sharp if you do not want to damage the enamelling.

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