RQT burners


The new Turbo Elite Barbecues range was given the prestigious International Design award. The judges were impressed by the innovative technology, performance, style and design of the new Turbo.
The Turbo elite range boasts a patented cooking system, the first in the world to have Quartz Radiant technology.
The new RQT burners greatly exceed the expectations of consumers and their performance is amazing.
RQT technology features a unique combination of a radiant burner, positioned directly under the food, with a quartz glass dome that increases the power of the heat and the cooking capacity.
RQT technology ensures maximum efficiency in the cooking system and allows flare-ups to be controlled and reduced.
This result is achieved with the quartz dome that by radiating an intense heat, vaporizes the fat instead of "setting fire to it". In addition, the new Turbo range allows users to control the infrared burners and to distribute a uniform temperature across the cooking surface (without cold spots). These revolutionary innovations will let you grill even the fattest foods to perfection at your next outdoor event. 
In addition, one of the features of the Turbo series is the double chamber oven hood. It has double insulation with consequent control and double seal of the heat. 
The cooking surface heats more quickly with less waste of gas.

"A sense of style, quality and workmanship combined with smart features....Clearly the result of the work of a true lover of barbecue".

Bruciatori RQT Bruciatori RQT
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